Images are now downloadable! You may select "Paper Prints" or "Downloads" after clicking "Buy". While it is possible to make purchases on a smartphone, please consider using a tablet or desktop for that purpose.

Click the thumbnail that corresponds to the show you're interested in, below.

PASSWORD: When prompted, use the password that was provided in the email from Lilli or Lynda.

The photos are sorted into several "galleries" such as "Chorus", "Children", and so forth. On the next page, there are thumbnails and labels to guide you.

When you are in a gallery, you will find button in the upper right of the screen called "Buy Photos". This will send you to a screen that allows you to select any number of images at once, as well as specify what sort of print you have in mind.

When you're browsing the images, touch the screen once to reveal a "Buy Photos" button under the image. This will open to the area where you can order a print of that image. You may have to slide the screen up to avoid all the bottom-of-the-screen stuff that the phone adds.

When you're browsing the images, if you hover over a thumbnail, you'll see a little shopping cart icon in the bottom right. If you've clicked into the large image, there is a "buy" button at the lower right of the screen. In either case you may select to buy just the one photo or go to the multiple image purchase area.

For a slide show, inside a gallery, click the white triangle to the left of "Buy Photos", or in the lower left of the screen. While you can pause the slideshow, you need to hit "ESC" to exit it in order by buy an image.

If you see a right-facing white triangle, that's the switch for the slideshow. Once the slideshow begins, you'll have to exit it in order to buy an image.

Paper Prints: Once you select the size for a print, you can crop or rotate the image. You'll see crop "handles" at the corners of the print at that time

Downloads: Cropping and rotating are not available for these. Please read the "Personal License" for the downloadable files.

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